Understanding of Marriage | Meaning, Intent and Purpose of a Marriage

“ Marriage... what comes to your mind about marriage?”

Beforewe talk about marriage, let's find out what the hell is marriage? “According to Act Number 1 of 1974 the understanding of marriage is the inner birth bond betweena man with a woman as a wife's husband with the aim of forming a happy and eternal family (household) based on the Godhead of the Almighty.Marriage is considered valid when performed according to the marriage law of each religion and belief and recorded by the authorized institution according to applicable legislation.”Indonesia which has many tribes and cultures, weddings are performed other than according to state law but also performed in customs.

Marriageis one form of worship whose sanctity needs to be kept by both sides both husband and wife. Marriage aims to form a happy familyprosperous and eternal forever.

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Marriage...What comes to your mind about marriage?

Marriage requires maturity and physical and mental preparation because marriage is something sacred and can determine one's life path. Preparation-The preparation includes wedding expenses, wedding clothes, wedding venues, wedding parties, invitations to honeymoon events and also planning to have children.

For men, marriage is something that can be done after getting success in career, maybe after achieving established career goalsthen think about marriage. But it's different with women. Women will think about marriage because of the urgency of age, encouragement from parents and even those closest to themneighbor. In Indonesia, it is normal for a woman to get married at the age of three. Sometimes this is what causes women to just choose a partnerHis life, in the important sense of getting a mate and getting married soon, is a matter of being happy or not being a matter of late.

There are still many parents who are looking for a partner for their daughter, sometimes they can get along and then love each other and even many whofeel that they are not compatible with their parents' choice of partner. This is often a conflict in the family. There are parents who understand and accept their children's decisions, but not infrequentlyimpose their will especially on their daughters because of age pressure or even the whispers of neighbors. Before someone decides to get married, many things have to happenconsideration. Of course the first thing is to know the character of the person you are going to marry, we can't possibly know someone 100%.

Two people who don't know each other, different backgrounds, cultures, customs, languages ​​and even education are united in a bond called marriage of courseit just takes time to get to know each other, in marriage knowing someone is done for life as long as you are paired with that person. In an increasingly advanced era and peoplegetting busy with his education or work, making it so difficult for someone to find a partner. But as technology advances, one can meet peopleothers through technology, namely chatting (talking via the internet), internet video, email, and even free calls via the internet. Many people in the world use internet facilities tolooking for a partner, Indonesia is no exception. Actually looking for a partner via the internet in Indonesia is still not common, sometimes there is a paradigm that says looking for a partnerover the internet only for people who don't sell. This thought is really stifling for women.

We can't be to shut everyone's mouth from talking, it's funny indeed.....when other people care so much about other people than themselvesalone. However, for women who are highly educated, finding a partner can be done in any way, including through a matchmaking agency on the internet. Actually before peopleIndonesia knows the internet, single people in Indonesia use newspaper media to advertise looking for a partner, matchmaking agencies in national newspapers.

There are more and more internet dating agencies in Indonesia, one of which Whatever way we do to find a partner, of course there are advantages and disadvantageseach other's shortcomings. For example, through newspapers, we can only post our data for a certain time and cannot edit our data, if we want to edit it means we have to advertise.Moreover, we can only meet with the same person at the time of advertising, we cannot see data on potential partners whose advertising time is different. In terms of costs, this method is more efficient.cheaper than using internet facilities. Nowadays, the internet media that can be reached by the lower middle class has become a favorite facility to find a partner.Even though in Indonesia many matchmaking bureau sites have sprung up, but there are no millions of users, maybe because Indonesians still prefer the conventional way to do it.looking for a partner.

Married Online... What comes to your mind about marriage?

It is undeniable also with the presence of sites looking for a partner, it is a useful place for single people who are busy and don't have timelooking for a partner, in the sense of directly getting to know other people. But by going through the internet, busy singles just sit in front of the computer for a period of timetake a break from work and start looking for a partner on dating sites like< /a>.

The advantage of using these sites is that at any time we can get to know many people who are already members without having to meet in person.Roughly speaking, there may be more choices because this site can bring together Indonesians and even foreigners. The method is very simple, we canregister online by filling in personal data, email address and so on. If you are already a member of the site, you can easily start searching. WebsitesThese usually have the facility to send messages between fellow members, see each other's personal data or view photos and some even have online chat facilities, this isreally profitable because with online chat we can directly communicate when we have entered the site. The problem is that if you only use the message sending facility, weit will still take some time to get an answer from that person. Indeed, not all sites in Indonesia have online chat facilities among their members, so they can interact with each otherexchange email addresses or Yahoo Messenger even exchange phone numbers to get to know each other better.Besides the advantages, looking for a partner through internet facilities also has disadvantages. One of them is someone can easily hide their true identity. SoCaution must also be considered before deciding to look for a partner online.

Below are some tips that might be considered before looking for a partner online, namely:

  1. Save Personal Information. Before everything is clear and certain to you, try to keep private information about yourself, such as where you work, addressresidence, telephone number or other information that can be used to trace you. This will 'secure' you from negative things (possibly) donesomeone you don't want, such as phone calls, shipping indecent items, or even stalking you.
  2. Ask as much as you can. The more you ask, the more information you get. what you get about your new acquaintance. Most importantly, pay attention to the answers
  3. Be honest. If you don't want to be lied to, then don't lie. Tell honestly certain information honestly, such as real name, age, gendergender or city where you live.
  4. Select Information Provided. In line with points 1 and 3, although you must be honest, do not provide information that allows your new acquaintances to have access tophysical with you. Provide this 'certain' information once you are sure your new acquaintance can be trusted.
  5. Use the telephone. To get to know your new acquaintance better, have a telephone conversation. Through speaking, hearing sounds, words, topics of conversation and intonationIn real time, you can judge someone you just met better.
  6. Trust Your Intuition. After a few chats over the internet (chat) and on the phone, you may already have a little overview of your new acquaintance. IfIf you feel something is not right with the person, trust the feeling. On the other hand, if you feel positive-chemistry with that person, then believe itthat feeling. Which is stronger.
  7. Have a Safe Meeting. If you are sure that the person is okay, you can make an appointment to meet in person. Do the first date atneutral places, such as restaurants or malls, and don't ask him to pick you up at work or where you live. If you still feel uncomfortable, invite your best friendsaccompany you.

The point is how we get to know someone before stepping into marriage, complicatedyes, but it has to be done. Because whatever it is always in process. Happiness is not to be sought but to be realized. Likewise with marriage, whatever it is the way to get a partner conventionally or online not the problem, but looking for someone to share the joys and sorrows with. Married Online... What comes to your mind about marriage? Online marriage here is aimed at bringing together two people who want to share life, happiness or sadness. Among ordinary people, online marriage is still negative connotation. After all, whatever we do is based on intentions. It is undeniable that if you know someone conventionally, someone has made it to marriage some are happy, some are not, as well as online marriages, not even a few of the results of getting to know someone online, some have changed nationality or have mixed ancestry or could have the opportunity to visit the country where the spouse is. In other words, you can get to know new areas, new cultures and discover new things other. Because of this interesting thing, there are some Indonesian women who want to have husbands from different countries. Even a big difference when faced with a sincere heart will find a way to minimize these differences.

It's not easy to get what we want. For Indonesian women, getting a partner of a fellow native or foreign national is not a thing primary, but achieving a goal of marriage itself. Meanwhile, being able to travel abroad or have mixed ancestry is a plus from all of that. The thing that The people of Indonesia still hold on to religion in choosing a partner. All kinds of differences may still be minimized, but for Indonesians, religion is not can simply be ruled out.

There is a high possibility that when looking for a partner online, we can meet people of different religions. We can't force a belief on people other. Whether we are successful or not in trying to find a partner is not for us to determine, but God. But with all sincerity and clean intentions, there is always a way to whatever. So on the site we can find people from various regions and various countries with their own characteristics, so choose wisely. Communication and getting to know each other's personalities are very important in a relationship. However after we got a partner there is still a lot to be done. Life is not what we want but what we are living.

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