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"Ideal Dates Guys Will Love"

If you plan to take your guy for a stroll down the beach or a romantic walk in the park, think again. While this may be a great date idea for you, it is far from his idea of an ideal date night. He does not mind spending some quality romantic time with you but guys want to know that you are just as capable of letting loose and having some fun. Consider a football game date. He will love going to see his favorite team play and he will enjoy that you were willing to watch the game with him. You could have a football date at your own house, which will give you the opportunity to cook for him at home.

Rent a sports car for the day and take a wild ride, with the top down if that is an option, out to a romantic picnic spot. This combines an ideal date for the two of you. He will feel powerful and masculine sitting behind the wheel of so much horsepower and you will get the romantic date that you have been yearning for at the same time.

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Ideal Dates Guys Will Love

Renting a sports car will take him by complete surprise because he will not be expecting it.

Find a comedy show nearby. If your guy enjoys a good laugh or is a real jokester, he will appreciate you taking notice of his love for humor. Taking him to a comedy show breaks the mold of traditional dating and shows him that you are willing to be spontaneous and different. He will surely appreciate your effort to do something new and exciting with him. Going to a comedy show is certain more memorable than going for a lengthy walk through the park or eating at a diner. The best part is the both of you will have something to laugh about together.

If you would rather go out on a traditional dinner and a movie date, compromise with him by choosing an action movie with lots of popcorn. If he has to sit through the romantic motions of a typical dinner and movie date, at least make it worth his time. He will appreciate your love for action movies. He will further appreciate the fact that you considered his feelings when choosing an ideal date. He will sure take notice and the extra popcorn will give you plenty of opportunities to "accidentally" brush or hold hands with each other.

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