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"What Are Your Dating and Relationship Rules?

When it comes to dating, every person has to have some dating rules in place. It does not necessarily mean that you are being too picky or anything – it just means that you know what you will and will not put up with for the sake of finding true love. Since everyone is different, each person’s rules for dating will be different as well. Hopefully there are a few rules that make everyone’s list because they are just common sense and help weed out all of the bad eggs when it comes to dating.

Never sleep together on the first date. This is one of the most important dating rules. Some guys probably disagree with that, but hear me out. If you sleep together on the first date, you no longer have anything to look forward to. This means that the relationship can grow stale pretty quickly. You need to let the relationship go at a normal pace. Do not rush things by jumping into bed with someone you really do not know at all.

What Are Your Dating and Relationship Rules?

Do not introduce them to your family for a while. It is just common sense that introducing someone you are dating to your family is a major step. That step tells the other person that they are special to you and it will have one of two reactions: 1) They will be scared off if it feels like it is too soon or, 2) They will automatically think that things are serious and started planning a future with you. So, unless you are fine if either of those two things happens, it is best to wait on the whole family thing.

Do not harass them with phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. This is another important one when it comes to dating rules. It is fine to send them a quick text to say hello or call them once a day, but do not bombard them with phone calls, text message and emails asking them why they are not talking to you. The reason they are not talking to you is because you are trying too hard. So, do everyone a favor and chill out on the over communication.

Take your time. Nowhere in all of the dating rules does it state that you have to rush things. It is best to let everything just evolve naturally when it comes to romance. If things are meant to happen and meant to work out, then they will. You can’t rush them or you just may push the person away for good.

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